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Reach Reporting! Where Should You Start?

By: Allyssa Baker

HKA is here to help! Call us for a planning day to discuss your business, and the direction you want to go. Let our team break down those financial statements into metrics where you can see the position of your company at a glance. We also provide expert advisory on how your company can grow! We currently work with clients and utilize Reach Reporting to bring all their financial and non-financial data to them in an easy-to-understand manner. Our advisory team can look at that data and dive into those KPIs to help you reach your goals. 

Recently, we have created a benchmarking metric for one of our clients. This took a deeper dive into their financials by ranking their customer list by the most profitable customers. From here, we were able to set tiers and projected how many new customers in each tier our client will need to generate higher sales. In that same projection, we looked at the budget and capacity for additional support needed, whether that support is equipment or employee support. 

We have also created a performance overview metric. This shows our client how they are performing this month compared to this same time the prior year as well as comparing this month to the prior month. 

We want to help you reach your goals and grow in the direction you want. Call our office today to discuss planning, bookkeeping, and advisory packages!

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