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Reach Reporting: Introduction to Reach

By: Allyssa Baker

This summer, HKA is offering our “Business Solution Series” for small businesses looking for opportunities to grow and streamline using technology that works for them. If there is a specific technology that you would like us to address, please don’t hesitate to reach out! We are available at (314) 993-4285 or

Looking at the Income Statement and Balance Sheet for a company can be daunting, but HKA is always looking for ways to help our clients really understand their financials and how they can be influential for their businesses. Sometimes, you can understand your financials but not how to use them to maximize the potential for your business.

Reach Reporting is a reporting software that helps visualize financial and non-financial data. With Reach Reporting, you can put all your financial data into a digestible visual, such as a line graph or bar graph, to help you better understand your company’s financial position. Not only will it help you understand your financial position, it will also allow you the opportunity to make more informed decisions. You can use the non-financial data to gain more insight on your company’s Key Performance Indicators to in turn grow the company and generate more revenue.

This is an example of Reach Reporting’s dashboard. This is where you will see all of your metrics displayed. Inside of each metric is your metric-specific dashboard, which shows all of your data in easy-to-understand graphs. This dashboard is fully customizable for each client that it works with.

We have clients in different industries from private gyms to ride services. The software works equally well for both because it takes their industry standards into consideration and allows the clients to compare the data from the software to what is being reported on their books per month.

The software easily integrates with widely used accounting software, data sheets, and google sheets to pull all your information in. This will save you time on the back end by no longer having to manually generate the reports and instead simply feeding your data in. This will also reduce the number of errors that may occur when you’re manually entering into a spreadsheet. Reach Reporting has templates that can be used as well as the option to customize the data you view and save it as a template for future use as well.

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