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How Can Your Business Benefit From Reach Reporting?

By: Allyssa Baker

This summer, HKA is offering our “Business Solution Series” for small businesses looking for opportunities to grow and streamline using technology that works for them. If there is a specific technology that you would like us to address, please don’t hesitate to reach out! We are available at (314) 993-4285 or

Do you spend hours of your week manually entering data into an excel sheet to gain a better understanding of how your company is operating? Reach Reporting will save you time to get back out in the front lines of your company! 

As we’ve mentioned in our previous series, Reach Reporting integrates with most of the commonly used softwares, such as Xero, Quickbooks Online, Quickbooks Desktop, and Gusto. You can automatically retrieve your data from those softwares directly into Reach Report for your reporting needs. It’s not always the financial numbers that tell you about the performance of your business. Non-financial data is equally as important. If you use third-party applications or CRM software and want to use the non-financial information to gain more knowledge, you can feed the data into Reach Reporting from a data sheet or a Google sheet. 

One example of how this can work is from a client of ours that uses a CRM software for client bookings along with inventory. This client owns a gym and spa business, and we look at the comparison of injectables used in the spa to see how each inventory item is performing. We also look at the revenue by inventory item and gross profit margin per injection. This information allows our client to see if their pricing structure on those inventory items reflect the industry standard. 

Another example, lets say your company utilizes a call center where your clientele is directly impacted by call volume. You can track your customer conversion based on the number of new customers and the total number of phone calls. Using that same non-financial data, you can use the average time spent on the phone as a means of seeing if your sales can be improved by shortening the call and in turn getting to more clientele, or if you are in need of more employees to support the call volume. This can all result in generating more revenue and increasing your bottom line.

We know that all the numbers and data can be daunting. We have created these metrics for our clients, to view that data without the extra hours of compiling it all into a useful format. We want to ensure you have the data and information you need from your business to continue to grow and run your business efficiently.

In this particular post, we decided against using images to protect our clients’ data. However, should you be interested in the software, we would love to offer you some personalized demos of how your business’s data could transform!

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