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When is Tax Day 2021?

By: Blake Will

As of today, March 16th, the IRS has not announced a change to the tax filing deadline of April 15th.  There has been pressure from both the House of Representatives in Congress and CPA institutions to move the deadline for various reasons, one of which is that the newest round of coronavirus relief actually changed the 2020 tax code in mid-March of 2021.  As a result, many tax returns have already been filed under what is now an old law. It would not surprise us if the due date now changes, and if it does, we will let you know your options and how it impacts you.

As always, if you are having trouble getting everything together, you can always file an extension through October.  As long as the majority (90%) of your tax is paid by April 15th, you have no penalty for filing an extension.   If you pay 100% of your tax by April 15th, interest also will not apply.  Of course, if the deadline is moved, you would have both more time to pay your tax and to file your return, and we will let you what you need to do by what day as usual. 

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