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Spring Cleaning Your Receipts

By: Allyssa Baker

Written by Allyssa Baker, Bookkeeping, Tax, and Advisory Team Member

To whoever needed to hear this today: it is time to get rid of those shoeboxes of receipts and stacks of old bills!

In today’s world, there is technology that can help you track and store your personal and business receipts., formerly Receipt Bank, is a tool we encourage our clients to use to track and store receipts. Its versatile uploading ability and easy usage makes it a must for any business owner or personal budgeter looking to reduce paper storage. You can upload from your computer, email, and even take a picture on your phone and upload it through the mobile app!

The mobile app can help with those that are on the go to eliminate losing receipts. Whether you are taking a client out to lunch or stepping out to buy office supplies, all you need to do is take a picture of the receipt on the app and go from there.

Dext automatically extracts information at 99% accuracy from the images and documents for easy entering. All you have to do is confirm the information is correct and publish directly to your accounting software. Dext offers integrations with many widely used accounting softwares to allow for all your financial information to flow into one place. Some of the most popular software integrations include Quickbooks Online, Quickbooks Desktop, Xero, Gusto,, Sage, and more.

One reason that people have trouble throwing away receipts is that they worry about not having them in case of an audit. Compliance is key with this tool, as well. Dext will securely store those receipts and other documents for 7 years at bank level encryption to save you from tracking down a receipt in the event of an audit. You can also upload documents just for storing, such as bank and credit card statements.

We love time savers and technology that allows us and our clients to work smarter and not harder, and Dext is one of those apps. You can learn more about it or start a free trial here:

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